Claims Process

You as the Customer Always have the Right to Choose your Own Repair Facility

Always remember, by law, no matter what the insurance companies say, you as the customer always have the right to choose your own repair facility.

We work directly with all insurance companies; just let your insurance company know that you have chosen Rancho California Auto Collision to do the repairs.

Next is vehicle Drop Off. At the time your vehicle is dropped off, we will notify your insurance carrier that you have a claim and have chosen Rancho California Auto Collision for your repair facility. Your vehicle will be inspected by one of our professional estimators. Repairs will begin with the authorization from you and your insurance company.

When repairs are completed, you will be notified the day your vehicle is completed. If in a rental, return to the rental office and they in turn bring you to Rancho California Auto Collision to pick up your vehicle.

We appreciate your great service. Excellence is hard to find. I think we found it in your caring company. Thank you for repairing my Pathfinder. It’s doing great. We sure appreciate your expertise.

Jeanette Osborne

Mercury Insurance Re: Claim No. 2011-0032…. Dear Denna, Thank you for so completely handling my claim this week after my van was hit. I was first sent to a repair center that I would not prefer to name. I reevaluated and went home with my van and called Mercury for help. The former claims representative said she would cancel everything. I was referred to Rancho California Auto Collision. Thank you Deanna for holding my hand this whole time. As a farmer’s Insurance retiree, I was shocked by the first part of my day. However, I was thrilled when I arrived at Rancho California Auto Collision and they were professional, precise with details, and accommodating. The van looks great! Mercury gave me excellent service. It was as though I was your only claim. A word to the wise. I’ve lived here for almost a decade. I would heartily recommend Rancho California Auto Collision for your needs in the Temecula/Murrieta area. They have that certain something missing a lot in these hard times-superior customer service and follow through. They do what they say they are going to do. And I am a die hard Mercury fan.

C. Anne

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